I’m just getting started and don’t really know what the subject of my blog will be, or even if it will have one subject/theme even, so for now you can get to know something about me.

I’m a 20-something living in a small town, that is really just an extension of a large city, in central Washington state. I live with my boyfriend and two cats in a small house. I work for a national retail corporation in the shoe department. I have a few Associates Degrees but with no real direction. I have aspirations of returning to college to get educated in something that can lead to a career that I like, and that provides a good income.

I spend most of my free time on the internet.  I like to watch certain shows on TV,  but other than those I have given up on TV in the last year, partly because I am picky about what I watch and partly because my boyfriend has a hard time giving up the remote.

I like to go out for drinks but don’t go as often as I would like, other than that I have become a rather boring person in the last few years. I hope to improve this in the near future… We’ll see…


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